I’m A Mormon; Yes, I Am

My oldest daughter challenged me tonight to blog about why I’m proud to be a Mormon.  She didn’t have to twist my arm, because this is an easy one.

I’ve spent a lifetime making mistakes.  I keep putting one foot in front of the other — and tripping.  I fall.  I get up.  I fall again.  There seems to be no stopping the falls.  Sometimes it feels like I can’t get back up on my own — and then I’m up.  I don’t know how I got up, but I’m up.  Have you seen one of these claws?

When I’m really down, it feel like there’s a claw that just hooks around my middle and pulls me to my feet.  Before I know it, I’m ready for the next battle.  I know that my “claw” is the Savior.  He continues to pick me up each time I’m down for the count.  As many mistakes as I’ve made, and as many stupid things that I’ve pulled, He is always there.

It is a privilege to be a member of Christ’s church.  It is an honor to say that I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  It is humbling to know that no matter how many times I mess things up, He has already paved the way for me to fix it by His great love and sacrifice.  I know that the Savior loves me.  I feel that love every day of my life.  How can I not be proud to be on His team?  I’m a Mormon.  Yes, I am.  I’m proud to be a Mormon.



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