Inspiration to Write

Apple Hill Splendor

Apple Hill Splendor
I took this picture last fall when beauty surrounded and inspired me.

Now that I’ve set up a new blog under my pen name, Tudie Rose, I’ve begun to set up a whole new identity for myself.  I have a new Twitter account, @TudieRose, and a new Pinterest account under Tudie Rose.  It has been an enormous amount of work recreating myself, but it has also been very inspiring.  I didn’t expect inspiration to come from such a task.

As I began to “pin” new things on my new Pinterest account, I decided to find things “to inspire.”  It was interesting to see what I could find.  My old Pinterest boards were very practical in nature — you know, recipes, home decorating projects, household tips, etc.  As I compared my two Pinterest accounts today, they are completely different!  They really could be from two different people!  Tudie Rose is obviously the more creative side of me.

Looking at Tudie’s Pinterest boards, she is inspired by God’s gifts.  Flowers, birds, butterflies, and the ocean.  Tudie is sure to be adding many more boards that depict the beauty around her.  She is also inspired by lovely works of art — beautiful colored and hand-blown glass, milk glass — and she will be adding lighthouses and possibly barns.  She is inspired by good music and good books.

In the coming days, Tudie expects to be looking through those new Pinterest boards for inspiration for stories and articles.  She was filled with emotion as she pinned these awe-inspiring pictures.  Maybe Tudie needed to be reminded about the beauty around her.  She may sometimes takes for granted the lovely gifts around her.  This has been a good learning experience for Tudie.

I look forward to discovering more of the Tudie side of myself in the near future.  I’m filled with anticipation for the stories that will come from perusing pictures of such beauty in the coming days.


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