Sacramento-Yolo Tower Bridge

Although I’m a transplant to Sacramento, California, I’ve lived here twice as long as I lived in my native Nevada.  Gosh, I’m getting old.  Well, whatever . . . .  At any rate, while I’ve never relished the hot Sacramento summers, I have always loved Sacramento’s natural beauty. My dad used to say that you didn’t have to be a “gardener” to have a green yard in Sacramento, all you had to do was turn on the water once in a while.  I think he was a little jealous after gardening in the desert for so many years.  He took great pride in turning over virgin soil, treating the alkali, and then actually growing something.

Sacramento also has some beautiful buildings.  There are beautiful old Victorian homes, old Crocker Art Gallery, the Sacramento Train Depot, and beautiful modern buildings, as well.  I have my favorite streets to travel — T Street, for example, where the tree branches stretch from one side of the street to the other.  Many years ago when I lived downtown, I used to love G, H, and 21st Streets because of the beautiful homes and lovely yards.  (I only travel downtown when absolutely necessary now because the City has clogged the traffic by taking out most of the one-way streets.)

One of the best assets this City has is Tower Bridge connecting West Sacramento in Yolo County to the capital city over the Sacramento River.  I remember voting on the color back in 2001.  We were given the options of burgundy, green, silver and gold, or all gold.  I voted for gold, and then almost immediately thought that was stupid because gold paint is probably much more expensive than any other color.  Looking back, however, the gold was a very wise investment — no matter what it cost.

I often sit in the stands at Raley Field watching the Sacramento River Cats play baseball, and look up at the sun setting on this beautiful bridge.  Even when the River Cats lose, my soul is given a rebirth from watching the sun glisten on this beautiful bridge.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

I looked up the history on this old bridge.  It appears it was dedicated late in 1935 by Governor Frank Merriam, and apparently, it was the first vertical lift bridge in the California Highway system.  Since 1982, it has been on the National Register of Historic Places.  (Thank you Wikipedia for that information.)

I hope that Sacramento always takes pride in our skyline, and that we take care of the beauty, natural and man-made, that is here.  We are the bright spot in California life.


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