I Can See Clearly Now

Vacations are wonderful things if they are designed right.  My vacations have always been planned around getting my head screwed back on tight, and last week was no different.

I grew up in the desert, and I love wide open spaces. The desert is beautiful!  DON’T STOP READING! Yes, I said the desert is beautiful.  If you think of the desert as barren and ugly, you have not stopped your busy life long enough to notice the colors and watch the shadows move and change.  There is a peace in the desert that brings calm to the heart and spiritual awareness to the soul.

We traveled from Sacramento, California to Idaho Falls, Idaho last week to visit with family. It is always nice to start a trip traveling over the gorgeous Sierra Nevada mountain range, but my heart doesn’t change until we hit the desert.  As soon as we drop down into the sagebrush and I feel the dry, salty desert air on my skin, the world’s troubles are miraculously lifted from my shoulders.

As I drive, I watch the shadows formed on the mountains from high clouds.  Pinks, blues, purples, reds, browns, and greens can all been seen back to back in the vast space that is my desert. Each day of traveling, my world gets a little brighter.  Problems melt away.  Solutions become apparent.  Struggles become trivial matters.  Tribulations seem to get caught in the wind and blown into the vast desert space.  Tense body muscles begin to relax.  I begin to realize how small my problems are in comparison with the universe.

The beauty and serenity of the desert inspires and enlightens.  It is a great blessing and brings me great joy.  Today my “daily gratitude” is for God’s lovely desert.



6 thoughts on “I Can See Clearly Now

  1. The stretch of road between Elko and Ely has always been my favorite expanse of desert. Gorgeous and not a soul out there for as far as the eye can see. I have often stopped along that road, gotten out of the car, looked toward the East and imagined Christ coming out of the East and me being there to see it someday.

  2. My Hawaiian Hubby and I drive the deserts of Nevada every week! From Reno to Wendover, to Eureka, to Tonopah, to Winnemucca, to Yerington, etc, etc. So I know what you mean! My heart gets a lift from all that expanse. We have lived in Nevada since 1975 and I spent much of my childhood in Vegas.
    One time I saw a little hill-let out near Gabbs, early in the morning, from a dirt road and the thought came to me that it was so pure and untouched by man, I wonder what it might look like when the earth is renewed and receives it paradisical glory!?! Maybe the Savior and the Prophets went into the desert to recieve their own quiet thoughts and to be touched by the spirit, as we have been. Thanks for your thoughts.

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