Coveralls Danny

Danny & Model T, Winnemucca, Nevada

Danny & Model T, Winnemucca, Nevada

This is my guy.  If you were to see any picture taken of him in the last 25 years or so, he would most assuredly be dressed in coveralls.  He lives in them — and it’s my fault.

Years ago I would travel up and down the freeway system in Sacramento, California, running errands and depositing children.  As I traveled, I would see my husband (Caltrans landscape worker) bent over taking care of plants, picking up liter, or fixing a broken sprinkler — with undies blowing in the wind.  The man has no behind to keep up a pair of pants.  I suggested suspenders for Sunday suit pants and coveralls for work.  Little did I know the monster I would create.

Danny loves the coveralls.  We rarely can get him into anything else, Sunday church clothes excepted.  I don’t think people would recognize him without the coveralls.  We’ve teased him unmercifully for years.

Last week on vacation in Idaho, we had the standard “brothers” picture that we’ve taken every time Danny and his brothers get together.  Danny decided to make sure that he was not in coveralls for this particular picture.  Apparently, he wanted to be different this time.

Dick, Del, Danny at Lincoln School

Dick, Del, Danny at Lincoln School, Idaho Falls, Idaho where Lon White went to elementary school.

Maybe it’s just me — but he looks more comfortable in the first picture in coveralls.  The man is a creature of habit.  He looks like a fish out of water here.  Even his smile isn’t the same.

By the way, the red t-shirt is from “Race for the Arts,” which he has participated in the last two years.  He walks almost every day, and often participates in 5K walks.  He walked this particular 5K in just under an hour.

A recent picture with the youngest grandchild:

Danny and Eli

Danny and Eli

Yep — he’s just more comfortable in the Dickies coveralls.  I hope they have a Dickies store in heaven, or we’re all in trouble!


5 thoughts on “Coveralls Danny

  1. LoL You’re so right! He doesn’t look comfortable without them. We’ve all known him and loved him for so long in his coveralls that we don’t notice them anymore. They are just a part of him. His smile doesn’t look the same in the t-shirt, but did you notice that it is exactly the same smile as his brother! You are married to a wonderful man!

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