A New Way of Learning

The first weekend of April and the first weekend of October is special to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon).  On those weekends General Conference is held in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The conference can be seen via satellite at many of our chapels throughout the world.  It can also be seen via cable television, and satellite TV, and via the internet.  The conference talks are also published in the “Ensign,” which is our church magazine.  We all look forward to each conference with anticipation and excitement.  It is a way to “fill our spiritual cup.”

A couple of weeks ago, I was challenged by friends to view the talks from last April’s conference as a way of preparing for the upcoming October conference.  I took the challenge. It was suggested that we view one talk a day until conference.  I think there were a total of 37 talks included in the Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Priesthood session, Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon, and Young Women’s conference sessions.  I knew that I would not be disciplined enough to do it that way, so I spent several evenings last week viewing five or six talks at a time.  I learned something from the experience.

I usually take notes during conference and then read the conference talks when they are published the next month to further instill important points in my mind and soak in anything that I may have missed.  In the coming months, I will occasionally re-read a conference talk or two.

I love a good challenge, and when I was challenged to watch the conference talks from April in preparation for the October conference, I jumped at the opportunity, but I didn’t really understand how beneficial it would be until I had completed the challenge.  Six months ago when I originally watched conference (and even five months ago as I read the talks), I was in a different place mentally and spiritually than I am currently.  As I watched the conference talks the last few days, it was like I was hearing some things for the first time.  After completing the challenge, I went back and read my notes from last April.  I was amazed at what I had written.  This time the “important points” in my mind seemed different from what I wrote in those notes six months ago.  I wish I had taken notes the last few days as I watched those talks again.

I’m excited for General Conference this coming weekend.  I definitely think that it helped me to spiritually prepare for conference by watching the talks from six months ago.  I plan to do that again next March to prepare for April’s conference — and next time, I will take notes and compare with the notes that I will take this weekend.

Women’s Conference was this weekend, and I was on a spiritual high after watching it.  If you missed it, it can be viewed here.  If you’d like to watch conference this weekend, this link provides the information on how to watch it.  This site gives some wonderful suggestions about how to prepare yourself and your family for General Conference.

I invite all who read this post to share in the experience of hearing testimony and words of wisdom from modern-day prophets and apostles.



5 thoughts on “A New Way of Learning

  1. I am SO excited for General Conference! I have previous talks on my phone and was listening to some this afternoon. They were ones from last April. I felt so at home listening to them and I am really looking forward to tomorrow so I can be a part of it.

    • It was really great! It all should be available on line now if you want to go back and see anything you missed. I’m looking forward to getting the printed version in the Ensign (church magazine) in November so that I can really read and study the talks more. I always get extra tidbits that way.

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