A Look Back

For many months I’ve not said much via social media or this blog regarding the presidential election.  I stood back and watched it all develop.  I’m old enough to have seen my candidates win and lose many times.  It’s the process that I so honor.  We do this every four years with such ease.  We live in a great land, and we should never forget the privilege and responsibility of going to the polls to cast our ballots.

Having said that, I’ve watched a disturbing trend over the last few years, which has intensified because of social media.  The campaigns get more ugly every four years — and I don’t mean the politicians.  We have reduced ourselves to naming calling fools — no matter what party.  In the many months prior to the election, I’ve heard very little from people on-line about the actual issues.  What I’ve seen are horrible pictures depicting how awful the other candidate is, personal attacks, and name calling.  The words “fascist,” “socialist,” and “communist,” were thrown around by one side, and “cult,” “liar,” “hypocrite,” “racists,” and “immoral” from the other side.  I even heard about an incident of a small child coming home and relating to the parent that another child had said he wished Obama would be assassinated.  Obviously, that remark originally came out of an adult mouth.  Have we no shame?

A couple of months ago, I posted on Facebook that those friends who posted more than one political post or picture per week would be removed from my news feed and put in a “political” category until after the election.  I just couldn’t handle seeing all of that negativity and nastiness!  Monday I posted that I was looking forward to seeing the smiling faces of these same people when I return them to my news feed after the election.  What bothered me the most is that the ugliness was coming from people whom I have held in high regard.  I think we all get caught up in this social media thing and forget that we are talking about real people and real issues.  We hide behind our safe little computer screens and say the most atrocious and vicious things that we wouldn’t dare say to someone’s face — or at least I hope we wouldn’t!

So I’m calling for civility people.  Let’s have respect for the office of President.  Let’s have respect for men and women in all parties who take precious time out of their lives to serve us.  Let’s remember how to be kind to one another.  Let’s remember to discuss issues; not the latest vile thing you heard another person on social media say.  We are all in this together.  We are all brothers and sisters.  Please, please, please, the next time around let’s not make a laughing-stock of our precious democratic process.

Congratulations, Mr. President.  You were not my candidate, did not receive my vote, but you are my president.  I will continue to pray for you daily in your attempts to lead our country.  I will continue to pray for all our leaders, and for our great republic.


2 thoughts on “A Look Back

  1. I agree. Every election the rhetoric gets worse. I also blocked all of the political posts from my feed. It seems that the biggest tragedy we are facing is that people are putting everyone into one of three camps. You are either a Democrat socialist, a Republican hate and fear monger, or an independent throwing your vote away. These types of thinking where we tell someone exactly how they feel because they believe a certain way is very dangerous. Some of the most atrocious acts in history started this way.

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