Technologically Challenged

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You’d probably never guess that someone who is all over social media and has two blogs is technologically challenged, right?  Guess again.  I really try to stay up with technology, but hey, I learned to type on a manual typewriter.  I grew up with 45 rpm records — you know, those little plastic things that produced music when you put them in a machine with a needle.

I’m not THAT old.  I grew up with vacuum cleaners.  They had an on/off switch.  They had bags and belts that needed to be changed.  It was a simple little machine that sucked up everything, made life easier, and never gave one any trouble.  Technology has ruined the vacuum cleaning experience!

The last three vacuum cleaners I’ve had have been the bane of my existence.  Number one was such a “super sucker” that I was afraid to let the kids use it because it loved to eat electrical cords.  I paid extra bucks for number two because it had a filter that was supposed to make it easier on our allergies — except the slightest bump against a wall sent the filter flying across the room and all that dust flying with it.  It also had a green light and a red light to indicate whether my carpet was clean or still needed work.  NEVER AGAIN!  I have kids, grandkids, and a dog.  I could vacuum until the cows come home and never see that green light!  What a downer!  That red light always made me feel like I didn’t cut it as a housekeeper, completely eliminating my self-esteem!

So now we come to number three, our current vacuum cleaner.  I did the research.  This is a “bag less” machine — which I hate — but it was supposed to clean well for the price I could afford.  I’ve yet to figure out how to contain the dust from flying through the room when I empty the “bag less” container.  I’m just grateful to have a dog who doesn’t attract the fleas that a previous dog did, because I can’t imagine sucking up fleas and watching them jump out of the garbage can after I empty out the “bag less” container.

Having brought vacuum number three into my home, I plugged it in, turned it on, and began to clean.  It had taken nearly two weeks from the demise of number two for me to complete the research and purchase number three, so I didn’t want to waste another minute.  Why would I need to read the instruction book?  It’s a vacuum cleaner, for crying out loud. You turn it on, and it sucks.  I’ve had it a few months now, and it does a pretty good job on the carpets.  I wasn’t too pleased with it’s ability on my hardwood floors or linoleum, but what the heck, I own a broom and a dust mop so no big deal.

Two days ago I was vacuuming and the brush stopped moving.  I assumed I’d broken a belt, though there wasn’t the usual burning rubber smell.  I didn’t have time to deal with it, so I put the vacuum away until I had time to worry about it.  This morning I got out the instruction manual to figure out what kind of belt I needed to buy.  It turns out that there is a lever on the vacuum that will stop the brush from rolling.  Who knew?!  I must have accidentally hit the lever on the edge of the couch and the brush stopped rolling.  What’s the purpose of that little bit of technology?  I’m sure some MAN designed this piece of junk.

I am a little disgusted with myself, however.  I’ve spent the last two days with half clean and half dirty carpets because I hadn’t read the instruction manual prior to using the machine. Now that I know I can turn off the brush — it does a much better job on the hardwood floors and linoleum.  Who knew?  When all else fails, read the directions!


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