Safety Reminder for Cone Zone





Today would have been Matt’s 42nd birthday.  On April 22nd, Caltrans will begin the huge project of fixing the W/X freeway in downtown Sacramento.  Originally, the section was to be closed during the construction.  Caltrans has now caved to pressure from pretty much everyone and will be keeping a lane or two open during the construction–risking the lives of the private construction workers, as well as Caltrans personnel.  They are counting on US as drivers to be responsible and not get someone killed.  Heaven forbid that any one of us should be inconvenienced by the closure of a section of the freeway that has needed to be repaired for years.  I literally hold my breath every time I go over the W/X freeway knowing how they have been bracing it up from underneath for a couple of years.  These workers will now be faced with dodging impatient drivers as they try to do their jobs.  PLEASE FIND ALTERNATE ROUTES.  This website has been set up to provide further information.  If you MUST travel this section of the road, please SLOW FOR THE CONE ZONE.  Don’t be impatient.  These workers all have families that want them home at the end of the day.


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