Caltrans 2014 Memorial to Fallen Workers


Today was the annual Caltrans Memorial to Fallen Workers and safety stand down at the California State Capitol in Sacramento.  I have written about this before on two different blogs.  I won’t attempt to reiterate my feelings here.  Frankly, I’m too emotionally spent to try.  I have previously written about the Caltrans Memorial, highway “cone zone” safety, and/or my stepson’s death here, here, here, and here.

Today was a bit different, as we honored two Caltrans workers who were killed in a rock slide in 2013, while trying to keep others safe  from rocks falling onto the roadway, as well as a Caltrans worker who was killed last year in a motorcycle brigade on his way to the Caltrans Memorial to honor other fallen workers.

We keep going to this memorial to support those families who have gone through a Caltrans death more recently than we have.  I pray the day will come when we all are so careful in the cone zone that this service is no longer necessary.  PLEASE SLOW FOR THE CONE ZONE, DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE, AND PUT AWAY THE CELL PHONE.