Lessons from My Parents

What’s in a name?  My parents drilled into my head that I represented the family name in everything that I did, and everywhere I went.  As a writer, I’ve tried hard to be the kind of person who didn’t have to be ashamed of sullying my good name (whether my real name, or my pen name).  While some may not like what I write, my writing is honest and from my heart.

Twice I’ve submitted essays for a collection by various authors to be published in a book (once under my real name, and once under my pen name, Tudie Rose).  Twice I have anxiously waited for publication in hopes that the book didn’t somehow tarnish my name.  Twice I’ve been more than elated at the end result and proud to associate my name with the project.

I have just finished reading Lessons from My Parents  by Michele Robbins from cover to cover, and I am THRILLED that my essay was chosen for publication in this book.  Far from tarnishing my name by being associated with this book, I feel I’ve been lifted on higher ground.  I laughed, and I cried.  I had thoughtful moments after reading certain stories. Some stories reminded me of moments in my own past.  Some stories made me think about how I can be a better parent and grandparent.  I had moments of deep gratitude and moments of epiphany.

Whether you are a parent, or you have just been parented, do yourself a favor and click on the link above and order this book.  You will find yourself lifted, find gratitude in your heart, and find peace in your soul.


Writing Success = Baby Steps

I was just beginning to have small success writing and was building up confidence when my life came crashing down around me.  I was forced to write under a pen name.  It was an unbelievable amount of work recreating myself as “Tudie Rose,” and for a time I didn’t even want to write anymore.  All that is behind me now, as I’ve had my first article published under “Tudie Rose.”  The link for my first article for Familius is here.  Familius will shortly be publishing an essay that I wrote in a collection of essays from other authors as an e-book, which will later be published in traditional book form.  While I gained confidence that I could write, I wasn’t so sure about Tudie — but apparently Tudie can write too.  🙂