Tudie Rose Employment Info

(Tudie Rose is a pen name for Laurie White.)

Laurie E. White
2580 23rd Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95820
Home: 916-457-5282


August 15, 2007 – August 26, 2011 (Full-Time) and  July 9, 2012 – August 31, 2012 (Part-time Temporary)
Pacific Legal Foundation
930 G Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
Telephone: 916-419-7111

Legal Secretary to four attorneys. I was responsible for cite checking, editing, and filing civil litigation documents and appellate briefs in state and federal courts across the country, as well as in the United States Supreme Court.

January 1, 2007 – August 7, 2007
Murphy, Campbell, Guthrie & Alliston
8801 Folsom Boulevard, Suite 230
Sacramento, CA 95826
Telephone: 916-400-2300
(See below for explanation of duties.)

September 1, 1999 – December 31, 2006
Farmer, Murphy, Smith & Alliston – (Same Address and Phone Number as Above)

Legal Secretary to several attorneys. My main responsibility was legal support for appellate attorney, George Murphy. I handled all secretarial responsibilities involved with civil appeals, including briefs to the California Court of Appeal and California Supreme Court. I was also responsible for civil litigation and construction defect cases, and processed coverage opinion letters to insurance companies.

1997 – 1999
Leder & Whiteford
Kevin Whiteford can be reached at 916-446-0790.

Legal Secretary to Karen Leder and Kevin Whiteford. Ms. Leder’s practice is family law, and Mr. Whiteford’s practice is civil litigation. I was the only secretary in this very busy office and had sole responsibility for all secretarial duties. In addition, I was responsible for client billing, as well as office supplies.

1993 – 1997
William H. Kochenderfer
Mr. Kochenderfer can be reached at 530-887-1456.

Legal Secretary to Mr. Kochenderfer. In the beginning, Mr. Kochenderfer was a sole practitioner, doing real estate and unlawful detainer work. He also managed six commercial properties in the Fairfield and Suisun area. I was not only responsible for all legal secretarial work, but also producing reports on the commercial properties to the property owners. As Mr. Kochenderfer’s law practice grew, he began working with Robert Telles in Walnut Creek. Mr. Kochenderfer’s property management work, as well as his work in Walnut Creek kept him away from the office several days a week. I was solely responsible for the office in his absence.


While raising my four children, I creatively found work that kept me home in the daytime with my children. I spent approximately three years working out of my home transcribing parole hearings for life prisoners, California Energy Commission hearings, bankruptcy court hearings, etc. Accuracy was critical, as this involved verbatim transcription of live testimony. The parole hearings were an education in human behavior. Listening to “lifers” and the families of their victims testify was a difficult but incredible experience.

I worked part-time for many years in a variety of law offices, usually in the evenings unsupervised. Overload typing was my main responsibility in these offices. I worked for Gallawa, Brown, Kroesch & Kauffroth for about nine years, the first two years as an independent contractor. I worked for Knox, Lemmon & Brady for approximately two years. I worked for attorney Robert Dale, and my responsibilities included client billing, payroll, and quarterly returns, as well as secretarial duties. Before my children were born, I worked full-time for attorney Carlos Brown, and later for Littlefield, McDermand, Lincoln & Harbarger as a legal secretary.


Graduated from Heald Business College (Legal Secretarial) in 1974.
Graduated from Reno High School in 1972.


I have served in many capacities in my church, including Relief Society President (head of the women’s organization for the congregation), Primary President and Second Counselor in the Primary Presidency (the children’s Sunday School), and Stake Missionary. Currently I teach 3 and 4-year-old children. The 3 1/2 years I served as Relief Society President, I was responsible for the physical and spiritual well-being of women and their families, working closely with the Bishop to ensure those in need received church assistance, and coordinated monthly visits with members to meet their needs.

For fun, I helped our LDS Stake Patriarch with his family history, and typed his and his wife’s journals, as well as several years of “courting” letters. I audio taped his wife’s funeral and transcribed it. We completed two special books, beautifully bound, for their family.

At this time, I am fulfilling my life-long dream of writing. I’ve written several articles for Meridian Magazine.

• Personal Integrity

• Why Tell Family History Stories?

• Adoption from a Grandmother’s Point of View

• Searching My Soul: How to Live After Death

• The Naked Truth About Less Active Members
(An article about less active members of my church.)

• Working Out Eternal Relationships

• Don’t Presume to Know, Don’t Judge

I have also written a children’s book and am searching for an illustrator.

I have two blogs: LaurieBee’s Family Hive (http://lauriebeesfamilyhive.blogspot.com/) which served as writing practice, as well as a place to collect family history stories. It was truly my creative outlet. I have recently retired that blog, but it is still available on-line. I recently began another blog, Tudie Rose, (https://potrackrose.wordpress.com/) which I hope will “uplift, enlighten, and inspire.”


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